Dance Out Loud.


THE Story

The is an advertising company that focuses on garnering greater publicity for musicians and actresses. Founded in 1980, the idea adapts to changes in technology, expanding from traditional roadside and television ads to publicizing clients over the Internet.

The kimmitment gears towards designing tasteful, relevant ads, drumming up support for music without ever departing from the artistic vision. This contract is a guarantee that publicity will increase.

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For Musicians

We make music with musicians.

For celebrities

We go on vacations with the stars.

For you

We make dreams come true.




my purpose

Besides raising talent awareness, I also help find venues for performances, partnering with a wide range of restaurants, schools, coffee shops, hotels, and convention halls.

I work with actresses and musicians who seek to play, finding spots in foreign cities or on cruises. I contact the prospective place, negotiate the contract, plan the trip, and publicize the performance.

The kimmitment provides the absolute best quality to everyone.

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